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City Auto Sales, LLC
30-Day/One Thousand Mile Limited Warranty
Because your purchase is important, City Auto Sales, LLC (“City Auto”) conducted a Quality Inspection to make sure that the used vehicle (“Vehicle”) you purchase meets their high standards. City Auto provides this express Limited 30-Day/One Thousand Mile Warranty (“Limited Warranty”) to confirm its belief that the used Vehicle meets those standards. This Limited Warranty applies only to used Vehicles purchased at a City Auto location.
I. Limited Warranty Coverage
This Limited Warranty is mechanical breakdown coverage.  If any of the parts identified below (the "Covered Parts") break down within the lesser of 30 days from the date the Vehicle was purchased or within One Thousand (1,000) Miles from amount of miles shown on the odometer disclosure provided at the time of sale (the "Warranty Period"), City Auto will at no charge to You repair or replace any such part(s).  City Auto may, however, at its sole discretion, elect to accept return of the Vehicle and provide you, the customer (“Customer”), with a refund.  Mechanical breakdown coverage applies to the Covered Parts listed in the next section plus related labor, but does not apply to certain excluded items (see Exclusions From Coverage section below). Repairs will be made with parts of like kind and quality.  It is expressly understood that replacement parts and/or components need not be new, but may be used or rebuilt, which will be guaranteed serviceable.  A "breakdown" or "mechanical breakdown" means the failure of any original or like replacement part covered by this Limited Warranty to work as it was designed to work in normal service.  However, reduced operation or reduced performance due to normal wear and tear shall not be considered a breakdown within the meaning of this Limited Warranty.  This Limited Warranty does not constitute a written affirmation of fact or promise by City Auto that the material or workmanship of the vehicle, or any parts thereof, are free from any defects or will meet a specified level of performance over a specified period of time.
This is the only express warranty made by City Auto.  ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THIS WRITTEN LIMITED WARRANTY.  City Auto makes No other warranty of any kind unless expressly provided herein.  To the extent allowed by applicable law, City Auto shall not be liable for any damages relating to loss of use of the products, loss of time, inconvenience or commercial loss, or any other incidental or consequential damages.  All warranties are extended only to the original customer.  SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS OR EXCLUSIONS OR LIMITATIONS ON RELIEF SUCH AS INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THESE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.  THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE.  Any and all prior written or oral statements, negotiations, communications or representations regarding warranties are superseded by this Limited Warranty. If any prior statements are not included in this Limited Warranty, there are null and void and are not part of any agreement between the parties, hereto. This Limited Warranty is the only and total agreement about any and all warranties relating to the product warranted hereunder.  This Limited Warranty document is a part of the Buyer's Order, and as such is supplemented by the Buyer's Guide.
II. Parts Covered
This Limited Warranty is between City Auto and the Customer, and applies only to a used Vehicle purchased from an authorized City Auto location.  This Limited Warranty covers the Vehicle parts below:
Engine Group
  • Gasoline Engine:  All internally lubricated parts, including:  piston, pins, and rings; connecting rods and bearings; crankshaft, rod, and main bearings; camshaft, followers, and cam bearings; push rods, valves, springs, guides, seats, and lifters; rocker arms, shaft and bushings; timing gear, chain and belt, tensioners and retainers; eccentric shaft; and oil pump;
  • Engine head(s) and engine block are covered if damaged by the failures of an internally lubricated part;
  • Water pump; fuel pump; oil pan; intake and exhaust manifolds; engine torque strut; timing cover; valve cover(s); harmonic balancer; flywheel (flex plate) and flywheel ring gear; vacuum pump; dipstick and tube; and engine pulleys;
  • Turbo Charger/Supercharger:  All internally lubricated parts of the turbo charger/supercharger including waste gate, vanes, shafts and bearings/  The turbo/supercharger housing is covered only if damages by the failure of an internally lubricated part;
  • Rotary/Diesel Engines:  rotor chamber; main shaft bearing; rotor and all internally lubricated parts.
    Transmission Group
  • Automatic and Manual: Transmission, transfer and torque converter cases are covered if damaged by an internally lubricated parts contained within the cases; filter tube and dipstick; vacuum modulator’ internal linkage and transmission mounts. Manual clutch assembly or any part thereof is Not covered.
  • Transfer Case - (4X4 vehicles): Case and all internal lubricated parts including: main shaft, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, bushings, mounts, transfer relay, interlock control unit, seals and gaskets, fasteners for the components listed above, electronic and vacuum engagement components.
    Drive Axle Group (Front and Rear)
  • Differential housing; transaxle housing; final drive housing; all internally lubricated parts of the foregoing; axle shafts; constant velocity joints; universal joints; drive shafts; locking hubs; hub bearings; and locking rings, supports, retainers and bearings.
    The above parts are an illustrative listing of the key Covered Parts.  City Auto will repair any part that breaks down, except as indicated under the "Exclusions from Coverage" section, below.
    III. Exclusions From Coverage
    This Limited Warranty and any warranties implied by law do(es) not cover or apply to:
  • Damage or breakdown caused by collision, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, or natural disaster.
  • Damage or breakdown due to vehicle/part abuse, misuse, or alteration (including any alteration or tampering with the odometer).
  • Breakdown of aftermarket accessories or non-original equipment, components and systems not installed by the manufacturer (for example: radio/speaker equipment, cruise control, anti-theft systems, tint, or sunroof).
  • Reduced operation/performance due to normal wear and tear of Covered Parts, including, but not limited to: piston ring replacement(s) and/or valve grind(s) designed to improve engine compression or reduce oil consumption.
  • Preventative maintenance services or parts replacement as suggested by the manufacturer in its maintenance schedule.
  • Claims made after the expiration of the Warranty Period (the lesser of Thirty [30] Days from date of purchase or One Thousand [1,000] Miles from mileage shown on odometer disclosure).
    City Auto will not repair or replace any part or item, whether or not it is a Covered Part, unless it is required in combination with the repair or replacement of a Covered Part being made pursuant to this Limited Warranty.  In the event a manufacturer's warranty or an extended service plan applies to a Covered Part, this Limited Warranty shall not apply unless and until all other available coverages, warranties or plans have been exhausted.
    IV. Refund/Return Expenses
  • If City Auto elects to accept return of the Vehicle, Customer will receive a refund of the purchase price paid less an amount representing Fair Use of the vehicle. Fair Use shall be calculated by the Internal Revenue Service mileage reimbursement rate plus the cost(s) of repairing any damage or other injury unrelated to the breakdown of a Covered Part covered by this Limited Warranty as a reasonable liquidated damage between the parties.
  • If City Auto elects to accept return of the Vehicle and if the Customer purchased the covered Vehicle by means of a trade-in to City Auto, Customer agrees to receive the value of the trade-in equity in cash or a cash equivalent, except where prohibited by law.
    V. Claim Procedure
    In the event of a mechanical breakdown, to make a claim upon this Limited Warranty or any warranty implied by law and limited in duration to the term of this Limited Warranty, the Customer agrees to be bound by the following claim procedures:
  • Customer shall notify City Auto of the failure of a Covered Part within the Warranty Period.  Failure to notify City Auto of an alleged failure within the Warranty Period shall be construed as a waiver of any and all benefits afforded by this Limited Warranty or law.
  • Unless prior authorization is given, repair or replacement of Covered Parts shall be performed at a City Auto store or by written directive coming from a City Auto store.
  • If the Customer is more than a reasonable distance from a City Auto store, Customer must contact City Auto immediately for the name and location of the nearest authorized repair facility.  Prior authorization is necessary to obtain reimbursement of payment for Limited Warranty repairs.  Failure to obtain prior authorization may result in the denial of Limtied Warranty benefits.  For Limited Warranty information or authorizations, Customer may write or call City Auto at the address and phone number listed on the Buyer's Order or posted above.
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements shall be construed to be Customer’s waiver to submit a claim for repair or replacement and to obtain any other remedy under this Limited Warranty.
  • City Auto reserves the right to inspect any vehicle prior to authorization.
  • It shall be the Customer’s sole responsibility to confirm that Limited Warranty repairs are made to Customer's satisfaction and in accordance with the provisions of this Limited Warranty.