Are you looking for a quality vehicle to drive all over Germantown, TN? Have you considered shopping at City Auto? At our dealership, you can check out our expansive selection of used trucks. Here are a few reasons why you might want to get a used truck from one of our used vehicle lots.

Powerful Trucks for Sale

A used pickup truck provides plenty of power and rugged design. At our dealership, you can find plenty of trucks that can haul heavy payloads in the truck bed and tow trailers weighing thousands of pounds. A used truck from City Auto can be a major upgrade to your home garage or your business in Franklin, TN.

Truck Bed Versatility

Having a truck bed is one of the best reasons to get a pickup truck at our dealership. A truck bed makes it easy to load and move just about any cargo you need. Whether you need to transport materials on a construction site or furniture to move into a new house, you will be glad to have a truck on hand to do the job.

Off-Roading Adventure

Plenty of pickup trucks offer outstanding off-roading capability. At City Auto, we carry trucks from many of the most popular brands. You might find your ideal Ford, Chevy, Ram, Jeep, or Toyota truck for taking out on your favorite trails.

Take a Used Truck on a Test Drive Today

Are you ready to see which truck from City Auto is ideal for you? Then be sure to visit one of our dealerships and take your truck of choice on a test drive. A test drive is a fantastic way to see for yourself which truck is right for you. To schedule your test drive, contact one of our dealerships today!