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Finance a Used Vehicle in Murfreesboro, TN

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, chances are you are thinking about financing it. Choosing how you finance your vehicle can affect the monthly payment you are responsible for paying. In certain cases, it can even affect the type of vehicle you are able to purchase. That is why we love offering some of the best and most flexible financing in all of Murfreesboro, TN! Explore your options today at City Auto or continue reading below to learn more.

What Types of Financing Do We Offer?

The two main types of financing you can pursue are a traditional loan or a lease option. Our team has the experience and resources available to help find you a great auto loan so you can enjoy the benefits of car ownership for years to come. Financing a used vehicle at our dealership can provide a great way of purchasing a new-to-you vehicle you will love that fits within your budget.

How Does Financing a Vehicle Through a Loan Work?

By taking out a loan for your vehicle purchase, you will typically choose a down payment amount and term length. These two things, combined with your interest rate, determine the total monthly payment you will be liable for covering. Once you have settled on the details and signed the paperwork, the vehicle is yours! You will pay each of the monthly payments until there is no remaining balance. At this point, you will own a completely paid-off vehicle and will no longer have a car payment.

This option is great for buyers who wish to keep their new vehicle for many years and would like to completely own their vehicle. Visit our dealership near Memphis, TN to see just how affordable a new purchase can be when financing.

Should I Bring in My Current Vehicle for a Trade?

Maximizing the value of your trade is the best way to lower the monthly payment on your new purchase. That is why we love offering top value for your trade and look forward to helping you afford your dream vehicle. No matter the vehicle you are considering trading in, bring it to our dealership near Germantown, TN, and lower the payment on the vehicle you really want. When you are considering a loan, use your trade to make your monthly payment more affordable than ever!

Do I Need a High Credit Score to Finance a Vehicle Near Memphis, TN?

No! While a high credit score is always a good thing, our team is willing and able to work with just about any situation. If you are worried your credit score may affect your ability to finance a new vehicle, put your worries aside and stop by our dealership near Franklin, TN.

As one of the largest independent pre-owned auto dealers in the country, we have established relationships with top local and national lenders.

We've spent over 30 years building relationships with the industry's most competitive lenders with resources to help you get financed with ease. So put our experience to work for you.

Ask your sales professional or one of our finance managers for more information about your loan options.
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