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Used Commercial Vehicles Near Memphis, TN

City Auto is proud to serve business owners around Murfreesboro, TN, looking to expand their fleet of commercial vehicles. Whether you are a people or parcel mover, we have a wide range of used commercial vehicle options for many different types of jobs. Buying a used commercial or fleet vehicle is a great investment that saves you money on depreciation costs. Another benefit of buying used is that many vehicles have already been outfitted with extra gear to support a specific kind of job. These extras can help save you money on features that make your job even easier! Check out all the different types of used commercial vehicles we have to offer and see which of these matches your job specifications.

Light to Heavy Duty Used Pick-up Trucks

The primary uses for used commercial pick-up trucks are loading and hauling.  Larger vehicles often come with more robust capabilities allowing for larger loads and heavier duty hauling. Depending on what types of jobs you are doing, you may only need lighter duty pick-up trucks which are typically more expensive.  While larger vehicles can handle tougher jobs, if you know you don't typically need to be able to haul huge loads, choosing the right vehicle for the specifications you need can save you additional costs.  In other words, don't pay for what you don't need!  Our used commercial vehicle experts can go over your needs and match you with the right fleet truck.

Used Parcel Delivery Vans and Box Trucks

Cargo vans and box trucks are great for business owners who need to move items that need to be protected from the elements.  The type of vehicle that is right for you depends on your average load size and whether you need to meet specifications for a freight carrier.  Some of our used delivery vans and box trucks already come assembled to meet FedEx or other carrier standards. Cargo vans tend to have smaller interior dimensions, with box trucks providing the most room for protected parcel deliveries.

Reliable Used Cargo Vans

Used Cargo Vans are not just great for parcel delivery; you could also move people or equipment for your business. Many cargo vans come with wrapped or tinted windows for privacy or so you can easily brand your vehicle. If you need to transport people, you can opt for passenger vans which primarily focus the interior to maximize seating. Other cargo vans are better designed for delivery or work and are oriented with cargo space in mind. We have several different styles of used cargo vans on our used commercial lot for you to test drive.

Specialty Used Vehicles

One of the best things about specializing in used vehicles is that you never know what kind of vehicle we will have in stock on any given day.  Need a police cruiser?  How about a school bus? If you have specialized needs or unusual jobs to tackle, chances are great that we will have something that works for you.  Be sure to check our inventory frequently and don't hesitate to reach out if you want us to keep an eye out for something specific.  If we get a used commercial vehicle that matches your specifications, we will make sure you are the first to know! Here are some of the different types of business categories that may require specialty used commercial vehicles:

  • Small businesses
  • Schools
  • Police and other first responders
  • Construction
  • Contractors (plumbers, electricians, HVAC etc.)
  • Property managers
  • Food Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Landscaping
  • Hospital or Home Healthcare services
  • +more!

Trust City Auto For All Your Commercial Vehicle Needs

No matter the kind of work you are doing, Memphis, TN business owners can rely on City Auto for all their used commercial vehicle needs. Ask one of our experts today how we can help outfit your business with the right vehicle.

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