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Financing a Used Vehicle  

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If you're in the market for your next vehicle, chances are you're thinking about financing it. Choosing how you finance your vehicle can affect the monthly payment amount. In certain cases, it can even affect the type of vehicle you're able to purchase. That's why City Auto offers some of the most competitive and most flexible financing options available. Explore loan options today at City Auto. Get started above. Be sure to choose the location nearest you when you click to begin.

What Types of Financing Do We Offer?

City Auto's financing team works with top local lenders and some of the country's largest banks  - names you'll recognize - to provide the experience and resources to help you find a great auto loan. Enjoy the benefits of car ownership with competitive financing terms at City Auto. Find the right car and financing to meet your budget.

How Does a Vehicle Loan Work?

When you finance your vehicle purchase, there are several factors that impact the monthly payment. Variables like the amount of your down payment and your credit worthiness are part of it. The number of years the vehicle is financed, also called the term, impacts the monthly payment amount. Once one of our finance specialists helps you decide on the best loan to meet your budget and the paperwork is signed, it's time to celebrate!  Be sure to plan for your monthly payments, so you can enjoy your vehicle purchase without worry. 

Visit City Auto - Memphis & City Auto - Murfreesboro to see how affordable a vehicle purchase can be when financing with us.

Should I Trade My Current Vehicle? 

Maximizing the value of your trade-in can be a great way to lower the monthly payment when financing your vehicle purchase. City Auto offers top market value for your trade-in, and we look forward to helping you afford your dream vehicle. When you're considering a vehicle loan, using your trade-in with City Auto - Memphis & City Auto - Murfreesboro can make your purchase more affordable than ever!

Do I Need Perfect Credit?

While a high credit score is good, our team is able to work with just about any credit situation. If you're worried that your credit score may affect your ability to finance your next vehicle purchase, you can do several things to put your mind at ease. 

You may be able pull your credit report by visiting the website This can help you better understand your personal financial and credit situation. If you have money saved, you may consider how much more down payment might make sense to help you save money in the long run when financing a vehicle. Most importantly, you can discuss your budget needs with a member of the City Auto finance team. Our credit experts are trained to help identify how best to help you when you have credit concerns.

As one of the largest independent pre-owned auto dealers in the country, City Auto has established relationships with top local and national lenders. We've spent over 30 years building relationships with the industry's most competitive lenders with resources to help you get financed with ease, so put our experience to work for you.

Ask your sales professional or one of our finance managers for more information about your loan options. We can help.
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