Cash Out or Trade In.
You Choose!

Sell Your Car to City Auto

Did you know we'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from us? We'll evaluate your vehicle as a trade-in, but we can also purchase it from you without any obligation to purchase a vehicle from us. Get a cash offer above and see just how much money selling that old car will get you. The cash offer you receive is good for 7 days. Get started now with no commitment. Once you decide to proceed, see us to get a check in hand.

Benefits of Selling Your Car 

Selling your car to City Auto is much easier and more efficient than trying to handle a private vehicle sale on your own. Advertising, meeting potential buyers, and handling complicated paperwork means there's a lot of work to sell a vehicle yourself. 

Let the experts at City Auto in Memphis and Murfreesboro handle all the work. Sell us your car. After all, buying and selling cars is what we do. We'll give you fair market price, so you can get the cash out of an unwanted vehicle with out all the hassles. 

Steps to Selling Your Vehicle to City Auto

City Auto - Memphis & City Auto - Murfreesboro

  1. Do Your Research
  2. The market value of used vehicles changes. Take a look online and you'll see a range of prices for vehicles similar to yours. There are a number of variables like year, trim level and options as well as vehicle condition and mileage that impact that price range, and other vehicles probably aren't exactly like yours. Be prepared for the price range to vary, so the number you have in mind is flexible.

  3. Gather Important Documents and Accessories
  4. You'll need your vehicle's title or bank information if you still owe money on a vehicle loan.  Other important items you need to bring include all the keys or key fobs, owner's manuals, and service records along with any other accessories that might be specific to your vehicle. This increases the amount you're offered. 

  5. Prepare Your Vehicle
  6. Make sure your vehicle is ready for an appraisal.  Our experts will do an inspection and conduct a test drive to determine the condition and value of your vehicle. It's helpful to remove all personal items, do a quick clean up, and complete any minor repairs.

  7. Schedule an Appointment
  8. Give us a call so our appraisal and finance team can be ready for you. You're welcome to come by anytime, but scheduling an appointment will ensure you don't have to wait around.